Fashion Tips to Look Fabulous

Fashion Tips

Fashion is the style or trend that enhances your personality and defines you as an individual.

The fashion tips include wearing the right clothing, footwear, matching perfect accessories and iconic styling.

It is the style statement that shows your confidence, persona, and attitude.

How To Style?

For styling, you need a perfect sense of choosing the right combination of dresses with other accessories.

It is not necessary that you need to spend lots of money to look good or imitate others style to look good.

You can do shop with a budget or planning and buy those things that are worth buying.

  • Choose Comfortable Clothes
  • Select Comfy Footwear
  • Choose Matching Accessories

16 Fashion Tips on How to be Trendy or Stylish

In this article, we will explain some basic rules and tricks to improve the looks and style statement.

Before that, it is essential to know the basic rules and types and shapes of the body.

It will help you to get a better sense of clothing and styling.

Basic Fashion Rules

There is five main type of body that is pear, rectangle, hourglass, diamond, and strawberry.

  • Pear Shape: Your waist is well-defined, and torso and upper body smaller than your hips.
  • Rectangle Shape: Your all measurements are equal and appear similar with less weight defined.
  • Hourglass: You have a smaller waist, and hips and torso are same.
  • Diamond: You have curvy breast, and hips and your waist is large.
  • Strawberry: Your breast is fuller and curvier than your butt.
  • Inverted Triangle: Your upper body and torso are broader than your hips.

1. Know Your Body Type

Know Your Body Type

The simple thing that every woman must know is their body type and what clothes suits their frame.

It will give you a better sense of shopping for clothing and accessories.

Tips to know your Body Shape

  1. Examine your body and stand in front of the mirror and observe your body weight.
  2. Measure your bust, waist, hips, torso, and shoulders.

Once you have all the measurement the next step is to know what is your body type.

Now you have the clear picture of your curves it is easy for you to choose better clothes.

2. Choose Clothes that Genuinely Suites You

Choose Clothes That Genuinely Suites You

The next step comes in choosing the right clothes for you when you know your body shape.

Choose clothes that suit your skin tone and fits you comfortably.

For warm to dark skin tones, you can go with jet black, yellow, orange or blue.

For cool skin tone, you can wear neutral paste, light pink, mint green, peach, purple or royal blue.

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Fashion Tips on How to Dress Stylish?

  1. Keep thing in mind that you do not have to match every stuff or buy matching things.
  2. Learn to style outfit with different colors and combinations. For instance orange or blue top with black jeans.
  3. If you are healthy, do not go for oversize clothes as it will frame your weight. Instead, wear clothes that hide your curvy waists such as a long cardigan or cowl tops.
  4. While selecting clothes you stuff should match with other colors. And there should be a relationship between the patterns varying the sizes.

3. Buy Comfortable Foot Wears

Buy Comfortable Foot Wears

Shoes are utmost important when it comes to walk, pair or style with your dresses.

Look for the footwear that is comfortable yet elegant in looks, or suits your personality.

It could be flat sandals, pumps, sneakers, ballet flats, gladiators, wedged heels or boots.

You can style dresses with heels or short and jeans with sneakers.

4. Shop with a Plan

Shop With A Plan

Every girl loves shopping that pampers and makes them feel good about themselves.

How much do you exactly spend shopping?

To look good, you do not need to buy expensive stuff, but instead, buy the inexpensive clothes.

Many women end up buying too much stuff, and most of it is unnecessary.

It is better to write the items that you want to buy and then purchase things one by one.

The next tip is always to try to buy things in a strategic way.

5. Follow Stylish Women to get the idea of Fashion

Follow Stylish Women To Get Idea Of Fashion

If you do not know anything about the style, the best thing is to follow stylish women.

It can be a model, fashionista, Hollywood star or any person you admire.

You can also browse the internet to find a fashion icon and use their pictures to get inspiration.

It is the fashionable way to start with learning new style tips and tricks.

Note: Do not try to imitate the exact look, seek some reference and create your particular style.

6. Style Accessories According to Your Dress

Style Accessories According To Your Dress

Accessories complete your look and style statement, it can either make you or break you.

While choosing accessories consider color, scale, size of the pieces keeping the event or occasion in mind.

Try to have at least one or two accessories with your dress whether it’s earring, necklace, scarf, shades or wristwatch.

For instance, with a sleek black dress, you wear red heels and necklace.

Or else you can pair sneakers, shades and a fashionable wrist watch with a casual shirt and jeans.

7. Invest in Good Undergarments

Invest In Good Undergarments

A stylish woman knows how to dress with style and knows that to get a perfect shape suitable lingerie is appropriate.

Do not feel guilty to invest money in comfortable and perfect lingerie.

Cheap lingerie is not comfortable to wear, and women often go for cheap lingerie every time.

The high price lingerie is best in fabric and includes lycra, lace, chiffon, and silk.

These are worth your penny and comfortable to wear.

8. Manage Your Wardrobe

Manage Your Wardrobe

The essential thing related to looking stylish is to manage your wardrobe efficiently.

A well-organized wardrobe can save your time and energy to select clothes every day.

It will help you to look good, and you can find save your money too by not purchasing unnecessary stuff.

Fashion Tips to manage Wardrobe

  • Use the available space to keep things and stuff organized.
  • Keep or pack your unseasoned clothes out of the way.
  • Donate unwanted clothes to clean up your wardrobe.
  • Keep 1-2 hooks empty for quick and dirty clean up.
  • Fold those clothes that you cannot hang.

Things to add to your wardrobe

Blazer, shirts, scarves, pants, dresses, kurtis, jacket, skirts, and accessories.

Add Accessories such as a watch, belt, bags or purse, shoes or sandals, earrings or rings.

9. Go for Simple and Sober Makeup

Go For Simple And Sobber Makeup

Makeup is the vital factor that enhances your looks and makes you more beautiful.

Makeup completes your looks, and one must do makeup in simplistic and sober ways.

Buy those products that are good for your skin and maintain freshness.

Fashion Tips on How to Look Stylish

  1. Before applying makeup wash your face with water.
  2. Apply a primer and moisturizer and then foundation powder.
  3. Dap the concealer under eyes and after that powder to set the foundation.
  4. Apply blush and eye makeup, and lip color.
  5. Finish the makeup with applying mascara to the eyes.

10. Match Your Shoes to Your Bag

Match Your Shoes To Your Bag

You can maintain your everyday style with a pair of matching shoes and bags.

Instead of comparing your shoes with your dress you can wear the matching color of shoes and bag.

You can try a different style statement to enrich your look.

11. Stop Impulsive Shopping

Stop Impulsive Shopping

Impulsive shopping can make you happy for a short time and fill your closet with useless clothes.

The best way to tackle this is to plan with a budget and make a list of things that you need.

Do not go for the things that you are purchasing because it’s on sale instead buy needful stuff.

Fashion Tips to Stop Impulsive Buying

  1. Do not shop when you are upset or bored.
  2. Do not buy stuff from a particular shop.
  3. Keep a list of things that you want or need.
  4. Buy with a budget.

12. Learn Trendy Hairstyles to Look Fabulous

Learn Trendy Hairstyles To Look Fabulous

Your hair also plays an important role to enrich your look and make you look good.

You can try different styles such as bun, braids hairstyle, half hair wrap up, pony or curl your hair.

Or else you can go according to your hair length and recreate an elegant style.

13. Be Confident with Your Style

Be Confident With your Style

Always go for the fashion in which you can feel confident and comfortable.

There is no die-hard rule to follow for fashion, follow the fashion tips and guidelines that work for you.

Just be confident with your style and explore new outfits to define your unique style.

Fashion Tips on How to Dress Stylish

  • Learn to dress for your own body.
  • Learn to explore the best color that suits your skin tone.
  • Carry your attire and looks with confidence
  • Personalize your outfits and define your style.
  • Wake up a little earlier in the morning to give yourself extra time to get ready.
  • Experiment with the different style to know what best suits you.
  • Get rid of clothes that make you look bad.

14. Wear Shapewear

Wear Shapewear

If you want to look elegant and hide your belly fat, it’s better to invest in the best shapewear.

Invest in best quality tummy tucker that will flatten your body and highlight your curves.

It works almost on every outfit, makes your wear comfortable and in shape.

Fashion Tips on Basic Fashion Rules

  • Maximize your curve creation.
  • Shapewear supports your bust and breast and appears nice look.
  • It helps you to look slimmer and in shape.

15. Layer Your Tops with Structured Jackets

Layer Your Tops With Structured Jackets

Every stylish need few jackets in their wardrobe to enhance their style statement.

You need to style with structures jackets that look perfect and swanky for curvy women.

You can glam up your jeans with a combination of a top with a blazer.

In summers you can experiment with long jackets, printed and floral versions that may look fabulous on you.

Long dresses make an illusion to look taller than usual.

You can wear it with jeans, maxis or short dresses.

Jackets or blazers hide your flabby arms and fall above your hips that will enhance your personality.

<How to Dress Fashionably?

  • You can pair your crop tops and with short jackets.
  • You can pair up your dresses with jackets to look smart in casual dresses.
  • Try your look with formal short and blazer or pants with a jacket.

16. Learn the Art of Tucking

Learn The Art Of Tucking

A stylish woman must know the art of tucking the shirts to look fabulous and trendy.

Tucking is the perfect option to define your waist and look smarter or bonafide.

One must know the full tuck, half tuck, navel tuck, smug, mushroom or low tuck.

You can learn this technique by following your favorite star or fashionista.

Fashion Tips on How to Look Stylish with Tucking

  • For a professional look opt for a shirt with a black skirt.
  • Tuck in the shirt completely tight.
  • Raise your arms overhead to un-tuck the right amount of fabric.

To look stylish, you do not need to follow a particular rule or fashion.

No doubt seek the advice and tips from the experts, fashionistas, and designers to enhance your knowledge about fashion.

But it’s better to develop your unique style and style statement by doing experiments with outfits.

You can follow the looks of your favorite star, fashion model or fashionista.

Adopt the smart approach to the style statement and find out which color suits your skin.

  • Always Check Your Posture: Straighten your back, suck in the tummy and lift the chest up. It will make you look confident.
  • Choose Right Neckline: Wear deep U or V neckline as per your choice that will enhance your neck area. It will make you look sensual.
  • Wear Statement Jewelry: You can wear a necklace, bracelet, wrist watch or earrings to enrich your look.
  • Makeup: Always invest in the right makeup according to your skin tone. Explore light makeup, nude or sober shades.

These fashion tips and tricks will help you to maintain your unique style statement and will drag others attention.

It can also give you the opportunity to explore new styles and enhance your fashion skills.

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