How to Build Muscle with Easy Strength Training?

How To Build Muscle

Muscle building is an essential part of strength training that burns body calories and provides endurance.

It comes to the mind of a newbie as how to build muscles as it is hard to gain muscles.

It is a crucial part to get fit and maintain weight with the help of cardio and strength training routines.

Weight lifting is also a crucial tool for building lean muscle tissue, burning more calories and getting stronger.

The benefits of Weight Lifting are:

  • Burn extra calories and fat
  • Helps to avoid injuries
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Increase energy
  • Maintain health
  • Boost confidence

It includes strength training, workout plans and maintaining the right schedule.

In this article, we will explain the tips on how to gain muscle, know your body and work on imbalances.

Powerful Tips on How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle

Strength is the primary foundation that builds muscles strength and makes you stronger.

It will help you to reduce your balance, increase the body’s resting metabolic rate and shed extra calories.

1. Start Warm Up with Cardio

Start Warm Up With Cardio

A proper 15 to 20 minutes warm up is essential to get the muscles warm up.

It lessens the possibility of getting muscles cramps or strains.

The warming session helps you to get a jump start and increase your range of motions.

You can start walking, jogging or stretching.

It reduces the risk of injury and helps you to do workouts more effectively.

You can also do 10 to 15 minutes treadmill or cycling to charge up the muscles and getting ready for the workouts.

Combine stretching exercises with jumping jacks, squats, butt kickers or high knee pull.

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2. Begin with our Body Weight

Begin With Our Body Weight

You can do resistance training with the fewer equipment and massive weight machines.

Body weight is an effective way to get muscle weight gain and do strengthening exercises without gym machines.

You can do exercises with dumbbells, kettlebells, and slider disks.

Keep the exercise simple and set the routines that help you to get started if you are a newbie.

Strength Training Workouts on How to Build Muscles

  • Squats: Start with 3 to 4 sets, fifteen to twenty count each as per your capability.
  • Burpees: Chest to the floor with a jump at the top: You can start with three sets, 12 repetitions per set. Take a break in the gap of each set.
  • Jumping Jacks: It helps to strengthen your legs and gives you a good workout. Do it 100 to 150 counts.
  • Plank: It is an endurance workout that gives you strength and works on your abs, legs, arms, and back. To start with you can hold a plank for 50 seconds and increase the limit with practice.

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3. Choose Your Exercise and Schedule

Choose Your Exercise And Schedule

Before creating your schedule, you need to understand the following steps.

  • Know about your goal.
  • Learn what exercise is best for you.
  • Choose those exercises that fit your need.
  • Develop the ways to do the workouts.

How to Build Muscle with Strengthening Exercises?

You can build a workout routine that you can follow without breaking the schedule.

It includes push exercises, legs, pulls and core exercises.

  • Leg Exercises: Squats, Lunges, Standing Calf Raises, Calves
  • Push Exercises: Bench Press, Overhead Press, or Dumbbell Press
  • Pull Exercises: One Arm Pull Up or Pull Ups
  • Core Exercises: Abdominal crunches, Reverse Crunches, Leg Raise or Planks

The Schedule

You can set upper and lower body workout routines on a weekly basis.

Monday: Upper Body Workouts

You can start with 10 minutes cardio, after that dumbbell press, arms exercises or back lifts.

Tuesday: Abs Workouts

Crunches, leg raises, a combination of squats or reverse crunches.
Do 15 to 20 repetitions each set.

Wednesday: Combine Workouts

You can combine arms and legs workouts by building sets of your own choices.

For instance: Start with mountain climber, then squats, butt kickers, arm raises or dumbbell press. You can do one set each takes rest and starts the second set.

Thursday: Lower Body Workout

Friday: Upper Body Workout

Saturday: Cardio Exercises

Sunday: Rest

Note: This is a sample schedule to give you some idea regarding the timetable to do workouts.

4. Aim for 15 Reps and Three Sets Per Exercise

Aim For 15 Reps And Three Sets Per Exercise

For a newbie, it is essential to go with the workouts at least two to three sets each.

You can increase the repetition to 20 with time and flexibility.

For instance: You have started with the squats, try to do one set with 15 repetition.

Take a few seconds break and then start with the second set.

Following this you can start with the next set.

Or else you can combine the sets with other workouts such as one rep of jumping jacks, in the second set, do mountain climbers, the third set do plank.

Rest and repeat the sets to complete the three sets per exercise.

You can also go for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in which you can do a shorter period of high-intensity workouts.

These exercises are of various types depends upon which area you want to target.

For example, for lower body workouts you can do 20 lunges, 50 calf raises, squat jumps 30 then rest for a minute and repeat.

5. Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press is the best upper body activities that make you stronger and helps you to build muscles.

You can do a Shoulder Press with the dumbbells or just the weight of your body, that helps to strengthen joints.

How to Build Muscle with Shoulder Press?

  • Stand and hold a dumbbell in each hand, with your feet slightly wider than hip.
  • Now raise the dumbbells to shoulder height using one at a time to align them into position.
  • Exhale and push the dumbbells upward till they reach the top. Slowly raise the dumbbells.
  • Inhale and bring them back down to the starting position.
  • Repeat the repetitions till three sets.

6. Basic Deadlifts

Basic Deadlifts

It is one of the best muscle weight gain exercise that helps to burn fat and gain overall strength.

It strengthens your core, muscles mass and builds physical strength.


  1. It brings stability and maintains better posture.
  2. It works on your upper and lower body including back muscles.
  3. Improve grip strength.
  4. It improves muscles growth and hormonal repair.
  5. It helps to prevent injury.

How to Build Muscle with Deadlifts?

  • Start in a standing position with legs about shoulder-width apart.
  • Flatten your back and grip the bar outside your legs and your shoulders should be back and down.
  • Bend your knees slightly forward so that your shins touching the bar. Bend in half squat position and lift your chest so that your back is tight and flat.
  • Start to lift up the weight and keep your core tensed and firm.
  • Stand straight up and look forward, hold this position for one or two seconds.
  • Gradually lower back down the weight or dumbbells to the floor.
  • Between each repetition take a few minutes rest and start again.

7. Balance Your Training

Balance your training

The essential thing to keep in mind while training is working on the imbalances.

You must work equally on each side of the body.

The workout you do from the one side, do it also from the other side.

When you work in every part of the body, the chance of injuries is less.

Balance training includes the exercises that strengthen the muscles that keep you balanced.

It helps to improve the stability and prevent falls.

You can balance your workouts with proper schedule and plan.

If you do bench-press on Monday, you can do chin ups on Tuesday and bent-over lateral raises on Thursday, and so on.

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8. Refuel with Water, Carbs, and Protein

Refuel With Water, Carbs, And Protein

It is vital to stay hydrated during the training or workouts session.

Drink lots of water before and after a workout and taking a balanced post-workout snack is also a good option.

One should remain hydrated before exercises and drink enough fluid during and after the workouts.

How to Build Muscle and Regain Energy?

  • Rehydrate after training to repair the fluid loss.
  • Eat one or two hours before the exercise.
  • Consume the right carbohydrate such as fruits or easily digestible carbs within 15 minutes post-exercise. It helps to restore glycogen.
  • Consume proteins after exercise as it will help to build muscles tissues.
  • Avoid saturated fat and a lot of healthy protein.

9. Chest Press

Chest Press

Chest Press strengthens your upper body, chest, triceps, arms, and legs.

If you have no access to the gym, you can do this exercise with the barbells or dumbbells.


  1. It provides the total body workout.
  2. It helps strengthen the muscles and stronger for the upper and lower body.
  3. The chest press is the great cardio workout that works on both heart and lungs.
  4. It works on the triceps and biceps.
  5. It improves the athletic power.
  6. Gives stability to the upper back muscles and avoid injuries.
  7. It helps to flow blood through the body.

How to Build Muscle with Chest Press?

  • Lie down with back on the mat and feet on the floor. Bend the elbows and start with the dumbbells at the shoulder height.
  • Push the dumbbells so that your arms are over your shoulders and your palms are up.
  • Bring the dumbbells down and till your elbows are slightly below your shoulders.
  • Roll your shoulders back like you are pinching it together.
  • Again push the weight back up and do not lock your elbows.
  • Do not forget to inhale and exhale during the workout.

10. Do Not Overdo the Workouts

Do Not Overdo The Workouts

Too many exercises can put a harmful impact on the body.

One must try to do three to four lifts per workout and take between a few seconds break.

Excess workouts may hinder your performance and may lead to muscle soreness.

It can reduce your energy levels and disrupt your sleep, irritability, lack of appetite and bad immune health.

Overdoing the exercises puts the strain on muscles, leads to injury and stops muscles growth.

How to do not overdo it?

  • Do plan days for rest and listens to your body when it demands rest.
  • Get a proper night sleep to get recover from physical stress.
  • Do not deprive the body of calories while training.
  • Consume food that helps to build muscles and stamina.
  • You can take the help of a trainer to customize your workout and achieve your fitness goals.

11. Don’t Forget to Rest

Don't Forget To Rest

Your body may feel tired after a tough training session and needs to get a little sore.

It is essential to take rest days to repair and recover the damaged muscles.

Your muscles tissues need to get repair after strength training and build strong muscles.

According to Self, If you continually break down the muscles without a recovery period, your muscles won’t get a repair.

Take rest and enjoy a resting time, When you think you need to take a break.


One must understand that strength training and building muscles are not an easy task.

It required determination and persistent efforts to achieve the goal and gain muscles strength.

It can attain by following the simple steps.

  • Know your goal and in what time you want to achieve your goal.
  • Understand what type of exercise will benefit you and choose your need.
  • Follow the workouts as per the schedule.
  • Drink fluids during workouts.
  • Take a few seconds to break in between each set.
  • Take rests when your body demands it.
  • Choose the right diet that is low in carbs and much proteins.
  • Take the help of a trainer to set your workout routine.

At last, It is necessary to take the personal trainer guide to do the exercises in a right manner.

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