11 Remarkable Tips to Deal with a Strong Willed Child

11 Remarkable Tips To Deal With A Strong Willed Child

The first question that arises in the mind of an individual is that who is the strong willed child?

A strong willed child is defiant, stubborn and difficult in behaviour.

Their behaviour includes:

  • Throw Tantrums
  • Argue Forever
  • Bossy
  • Impatient
  • Refuse to do things they do not want to do
  • Make their own rules
  • They try to get what they think they deserve
  • Self Motivated
  • Move at their own pace
  • Ignore warnings they do not want to hear

For instance, If you ask your child to follow certain things, and they are not in the mood to follow. They would refuse to do that work.

Parenting with these children is challenging, exhausting and sometimes hard to handle.

In this article, we will share some tips and trick for parents to tackle with the strong willed child.

Tips and Tricks on How to Handle a Defiant Child and Stubborn Kids

  1. Always Praise Good Behaviour
  2. Understand Your Child Behaviour
  3. Keep Calm at Challenging Situations
  4. Communicate Effectively
  5. Develop Your Kids Interests
  6. Give Your Kid a Sense of Control
  7. Set Limits with the Strong Willed Child
  8. Focus on Positive Traits and Deal with them Positively
  9. Motivate Your Child Good Behaviour with Rewards
  10. Create Goals Together
  11. Things to Remember

1. Always Praise Good Behaviour

The defiant child’s behaviour is hard to understand.

As they often struggle with confidence and find difficulty in sharing their feelings and emotions.

Good parents must pay attention and understand their behaviour and praise their child for their good behaviour.

Give them more attention when they behave well as it will encourage them to change their behaviour.

How to deal with Disobedient Child?

  • Avoid comparing them to others and neglecting them.
  • Appreciate their good behaviour.
  • Do not point out their small misbehaviours instead ignore it.
  • Try to help them to learn self-discipline.

2. Understand Your Child Behaviour

Understand Your Child Behaviour

Every child needs love, dedication, and devotion. In the case of the strong willed child, they also need utmost attention.

It is very tough to understand their emotions and his or her behaviour but needs utmost attention.

Your child might be acting upon for a reason and demands attention.

You can easily be able to handle them when you know their situation and understand them.

How to deal with Stubborn Kids?

  • Help your child understand his or her choice.
  • Listen to him or figure out the reason why he is opposing you.
  • Help them to develop the powerful communication skills.
  • Do not neglect them for their annoying behaviour instead talk to them calmly.
  • Validate your child’s feeling by saying that you can understand them.
  • You can either take them to their grandparents or on vacation.

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3. Keep Calm at Challenging Situations

Keep Calm At Challenging Situations

The parents needs to get calm in stressful situations to deal with a stubborn child.

It is never so easy to deal with a defiant child and needs lots of patience and positivity to deal with them.

It is not a good option to yell or scream at a child who is throwing a tantrum.

Instead, lower your voice and step away from the situation if necessary.

How to discipline a Defiant Child?

  • Learn to stay positive or calm in many situations.
  • Instead of shouting at them, it’s better to let them understand them about their bad behaviour.
  • Take your time out to control your anger and step out of the situation if necessary.
  • Tell their mistakes in a friendly manner and make them realize their behaviour.

4. Communicate Effectively

Communicate Effectively

Every parent must understand while dealing with a stubborn child is that they lack good communication skills.

They are not able to express their emotions and what exactly they feel and the reason for their misbehaviour.

It is better to not to point out their mistakes directly or compare them with others.

How to deal with Stubborn Kids?

  • You need to move your child in a positive direction. These kids are challenging, self-motivated and can achieve many goals with right direction and dedication.
  • Motivate or praise them for their right behaviour.
  • Respect them for their achievements and self-determined tasks.
  • A defiant kid wants love, respect, and attention that encourage them to accept the righteous behaviour.
  • Appreciate them for their intelligence and problem skills.
  • Keep them talking and taught some communication skills.

5. Develop Your Kids Interests

Develop Your Kids Interests

The best way to keep your child busy, boosting their self-confidence is by building their interests.

Give them plenty of time to play outdoors and explore things on daily.

It helps to improve their balance, control, and coordination.

Give them paper or brush, a sport to play, let them make tree houses, travel with them or let them explore many other opportunities.

How to deal with Stubborn Toddlers?

  • Tell them your childhood stories to help them develop a passion.
  • Let them learn new things every day.
  • Play with them sports to find out their interests.
  • Let them master new skills and develop hobbies.
  • If possible travel, to let them explore many different places.
  • Let them know their importance and how much they are important to you.

6. Give Your Kid a Sense of Control

Give Your Kid A Sense Of Control

It is essential to know your child behaviour to guide and nurture your child.

Parents need to understand that every child has a unique personality that remains consistent throughout the life.

You can observe their behaviour by spending your most of the time with them.

The other way you can understand their behaviour is by observing them sleep, eat or play.

When your child shows aggressive tendencies, instead of yelling at them try to understand the reason.

Tips on How to Deal with Strong Willed Kid

  • Quality time is necessary to know the behaviour of kids.
  • Talk to your children to gain understanding and information about them.
  • Set those expectations and limits that are acceptable to your child.
  • Teach them to embrace positiveness, empathy, and gratitude.
  • Let your kids embrace the unique personality that helps them to grow and nurture.

7. Set Limits with the Strong Willed Child

Set Limits With The Strong Willed Child

Setting limits is a great way to teach your strong-willed child discipline and understanding their behaviour.

The defiant kids are difficult, challenging, stubborn, and hell raising.

Understanding your kid’s behaviour help you to teach them discipline techniques and help them change their irascible behaviour.

How to handle a Defiant Child?

  • They need to teach the new ways to deal with the things.
  • Stubborn kids require a lot of guidance and discipline to change their behaviour in early ages.
  • Parents need to find more positive ways to deal with these children.
  • Do not be too harsh and strict with them.
  • Do not frustrate them with so many rules.
  • Set those limits which they can follow without any obligation.

8. Focus on Positive Traits and Deal with them Positively

Focus On Positive Traits And Deal With Them positively

Instead of thinking on how difficult is to handle your child or parent your child, focus on the positive things.

As per Research, The power of positive thoughts helps to raise an extraordinary child with a set of belief and values.

Instead of thinking how difficult is to parent your child think how strong it will impact the world for good.

Do not underestimate the strong skills and capabilities of your kid, instead help them to enhance their caliber.

How to discipline a Defiant Child?

  • Use positive language with your kid.
  • Try to enhance your kid’s qualities and skills.
  • Work with your child temperament in spite of going against them.
  • Give them healthy tasks so that they can enhance their problem-solving skills.
  • Encourage them to do good with others instead of being a menace.

9. Motivate Your Child Good Behaviour with Rewards

Motivate Your Child Good Behaviour With Rewards

It is find out that rewarding the positive behaviour encourages the child to repeat such habits in the future.

Parents can find creative ways to motivate the desired behaviour with rewards.

It will also make them feel that you love them and care for them.

A reward can be a small token of love as you can pat on their back for good work, or give them a useful thing or their best toy.

Do not give them expensive stuff or unhealthy things to eat rather than develop their interests in new hobbies and sports.

The reward can be something like:

  1. Make them feel special by planning a picnic or cook their favorite meal.
  2. Go on an outing with kids or visit some new place.
  3. Play their favorite sport with them as it will make them feel good.
  4. Spend quality time with your kid as it will make them feel wanted.

How to handle a Defiant Child?

  • Do not neglect their good behaviour.
  • Motivate them in creative ways when they do excellent work and accomplish any goal.

10. Create Goals Together

Create Goals Together

Parents need to take extra care when taking care of the strong-willed child as these kids have inbuilt capabilities and skills.

No matter they are stubborn, hard to handle and quite challenging, despite that they are solid in almost every sphere.

They have extra skill and caliber and are efficient to do many tasks.

Parents need to enhance their capabilities and abilities to do good work.

Observe their behaviour by spending most of the time with them.

Try to know their feelings and emotions, understand their behaviour.

Help them to understand their behaviour and find new ways with them to tackle their stubborn behaviour.

How to discipline a Defiant Child?

  • Set challenges for them and help them to achieve the goals.
  • Give them a chart and help them to acknowledge their genuine and wrong behaviour.
  • Allow them to master their skills and learn from their mistakes.
  • Teach them the value of hard work.

11. Things to Remember

Things To Remember

When it comes to parenting a stubborn kid, the parents must keep certain things in mind.

  • Your child needs love, attention, and praise.
  • A child needs specific goals to achieve and enhance their skills.
  • He or she needs a safe choice and a protected environment.
  • Children need boundaries, structure, and consistency.
  • He or she needs a positive environment and safety.
  • Your child needs more attention and love from you.
  • He or she needs to teach the value of discipline and truth.


The strong willed kids are unique individuals that have different characteristic and excellent skills.

Parenting them can be challenging, exhausting and sometimes make you feel angry.

They follow their own rules and do not tend to listen or bend in front of others.

They get impatient easily, are bossy, make their own opinion, do not listen to others and learn things on their own.

In these case what parents need to do is understand their behaviour, try to bring changes in them with love and care.

Instead of yelling and comparing them to others it’s better to deal with them with positivity.

Tips for Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

Every parent must understand that what their kids lack is active communication skills.

Understand their emotions and the way they feel and think about things.

  • Give them Respect and Empathy

    Be more open to communication and rather than fighting talk to them calmly. When you show respect, they will understand and respect you back.

  • Listen

    Parents must listen to their child, what they have to say and understand their feelings and emotions. It will help you to understand why he or she is acting this way.

  • Let your child make the Decisions

    If your kid wants to wear an outfit for their own choice, don’t force them with your choice. If the outfit does not suit the occasion, then tell them in a calm voice.

  • Postpone the Disciplining

    Do not set the number of restrictions on your kids, instead set those rules that your kids understand completely.

  • Open Channels of Communication

    As explained earlier stubborn kids are not good at expressing their feelings. In spite of giving them punishments, it’s better to talk to them completely about the things. It will help them to express their feelings be it fear, anger or hurt more openly.

  • Watch Your Tone

    Shouting at your kid may worsen the situations as it will create fight situations. It better to take a deep breath, avoid anger and talk to them in a calm and firm voice.

  • Stick to Sleep Routines

    Make sure your kid follow a sleep schedule and give them adequate rest. The lack of sleep may make a child cranky and irritated.


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