Best Child Care Hacks for Working Moms

Child Care

No matter if its working mom or house maker, every mom struggle a lot to give proper nourishment and taking care of kids.

It becomes a challenge for them when it comes to taking proper child care and dealing with work together.

A mother always wants to do the high quality of care when it comes to quality child care and caring for children.

Parenting with work makes life hectic and needs to balance child care and dire work regime.

To make the best utilization of work routine and spend valuable time with kids, here are few tips and hacks for busy moms.

Easy Tips on How to Take Care of a Child

1. Manage Your Schedule with Kids

Manage Your Schedule With Kids

Little changes in routine can make a big difference when it comes to spending more time with children.

Manage your time as per their schedules.

It might not be achieved easily with kids, but with proper management, it can be possible.

For instance, you can cook dinner in the evening when kids were asleep or indulge them into activities.

It will keep them busy, and you’ll save time to do other works.

Focus on your plans, organize them and maintain a proper balance between parenthood and profession.

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Tips to take care of your baby while working?

  1. Organize the morning routine, make their breakfast on time, pack their stuff and yours before time. Plan morning routine the night before.
  2. Create a family calendar and set out your priorities, you can schedule dates, charts, or manage your bills or household activities as per schedule.
  3. Stay connected with kids during the day when you are not together.

2. Take Help of Your Partner to Do the Stuff

Take Help Of Your Partner To Do The Stuff

It is perfectly alright to take help of your partner to get the things done.

Raising kid without support isn’t easy, but with the help of a partner, you can maintain proper child care.

It will help ease your burden and also get a personal time too.

How to take care of a baby?

  1. Ask him to help you out to do the dishes or handling kids while you are busy working.
  2. Your partner can do the drop and pickup schedule. For instance, picking up kids for, school or from daycare.
  3. Make your partner fully aware of both of responsibilities and for taking care of kids. He should understand his duties towards kids and their upbringing.
  4. Taking partner’s help will also bring understanding to each other and strengthen your relationship.
  5. He can help you in diaper changes of a newborn baby, or you both can help each other feeding your baby.
  6. He can take care of the baby when a baby sleeps or can hold your baby when you are doing household work.

3. Ask for Flexible Schedule at Workplace

Ask For Flexible Schedule At Workplace

It becomes very hectic to manage a house, family, and kids with work.

You may want to call at home to check if kids are safe, have they eaten their meal or if they are ill, is anybody there with them for care.

This situation can make you feel distracted, and you might miss your kids at work.

In those situations ask your employer to make your time flexible so that you can manage your work and responsibilities together.

Tips to take care of your baby and manage work schedule?

  1. Compete for your work earlier or do it at later shifts.
  2. You can ask an HR or Employer to let you talk for a few minutes on phone or video call with kids.
  3. Working from home flexibility for one or two days a week.
  4. Schedule your vacation as per so that you can spend at least a few days of months with kids.

4. Manage Your Time Efficiently

Manage Your Time Efficiently

You can efficiently manage your time with kids and save plenty of time by following hacks.

Plan out your day or week activities in advance and use a smart approach to tackle things and improve childcare.

Hacks on taking child care and manage time

  1. Set time limits and avoid distractions like checking emails, reduce phone calls or watching tv and avoid multitasking.
  2. Spend more time with your partner and distribute your time to take care of the baby.
  3. Do small works on a daily basis to lessen the load during the week.
  4. Cook those meals that don’t require you to spend more time in the kitchen, so that you could devote time to your children.
  5. Prepare the morning schedule and things the night before.
  6. Schedule your important calls while you commute.
  7. Focus on your tasks and work and talk to colleagues during break or lunchtime.

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5. Take Care of Yourself and Give Yourself a Break

Take Care Of Yourself And Give Yourself A Break

To take proper child care, You also need to relax your body and mind.

Dear moms it is essential to take off small brakes and enjoy me time to recharge yourself.

Focus on me time and enjoy it, spend time with your family or go easy on yourself.

  1. Take out some time to do exercises and remain fit. You can do 10 to 15 minutes of workouts at home.
  2. Take small breaks while your kid is sleeping or playing and relish your own company.
  3. Go outside on “me time” enjoy it with family and friends.
  4. Take a shower at night before sleeping to have a good night sleep and get relaxation.
  5. Go to bed early and take 7 to 8 hours sleep.
  6. Stop doing multitasking, realize that you cannot do all of the things in just a day.

6. Manage Cleaning Schedule

Manage Cleaning Schedule

Cleaning is an utmost priority to maintain proper hygiene and to take care of your baby.

You can do your simple tasks on a daily basis and leave those work for weekends that take more time to complete.

Tips on managing cleaning schedule:

  1. Do laundry on a daily routine. It is easier to get it done on a smaller dose than to face a large chunk of work during a week.
  2. Clean bathroom while you bathe your kids. It will save your most of the time.
  3. Make a schedule to do the deep cleaning on weekends and maintain cleanliness daily.
  4. Schedule things daily to manage your workload.

7. Plan Special Activities for Family

Plan Special Activities For Family

To attain family bond, nurturing child care and their proper nourishment family togetherness in much important.

It is crucially important to manage activities, make time for kids and plan something special during weekends.

You can do family outings together such as a picnic, watching movies or planning out dinner or games together.

During weekends avoid work, focus on your kid’s interest and things that make them happy.

Spending time with family not only create strong bonding but also make you feel happy and energetic.

8. YMCA Day Care

YMCA Day Care

YMCA are daycare centers that provide child care, helps a child develop their own pace and focus on learning.

Care centers not only help to understand your child but also brought families ties together, foster social responsibilities.

If you can not take your kid at work, then you can confidently rely on these daycare centers.

These human services programs focus on creativity, build confidence, early learning, and play-based learning.

You can happily focus on your work, while kids can learn new activities and fully cared for by YMCA.

9. Do Shopping Online

Do Shopping Online

The ultimate goal and priority of a working mother are to save their most of the times and devote it to childcare.

You can buy things online to save your crucial time and devote it to other activities.

To save your multiple trips to the grocery and other stores, you can also buy things in bulk from online retailers.

10. Do Workouts Early

Do Workouts Early

Working moms can go for workouts daily early morning, to remain healthy and fit while others aren’t wake up yet.

You can workout early at 5’0 clock at home or gym.

And after that, you can start your day, preparing breakfast, getting everyone and yourself ready for work.

It helps you to get things done in a routine, doing breakfast together and can save your much time.

You will not feel guilty about spending time with yourself and makes you feel energetic and content throughout the day.

11. Use Grocery Delivery Service and Buy it in a Bulk

Use Grocery Delivery Service And Buy It In A Bulk

Buying grocery for the family can be a time-consuming and tiring process.

Any shopping along with kids and the whole family can make one feel exhausting and takes away a lot of time.

In that case, you can use grocery delivery services like Green Bean delivery and others, and order things online.

Or else you can buy things in bulk during weekends.

For instance, You need laundry detergents, toilet papers, shampoo and other items at an alarming rate.

To save your time and avoid multiple visits to the store, buy things in a large quantity.

12. You can turn Dinner into Next Day Lunch

You Can Turn Dinner Into Next Day Lunch

A working mom has to perform all the responsibilities with work and to maintain proper life balance among family and office.

Cooking meals three or four times a day can be hectic and exhausting.

You need to prepare lunch for your kid’s school, husband’s office in the morning with breakfast.

For that, you can reuse last night dinner leftovers and make them part of next day lunch.

You can make tortillas or wrap with cooked beans, or dinners leftover veggies or chicken.

It may save your time, and you can reuse last night dinner stuff, without wasting it.

13. Stop Multi-Tasking

Stop Multi-Tasking

For a working mom, the utmost priority remains is to take proper child care and give them nourishment.

Doing multitasks with a busy schedule make you feel exhausted and stressful.

However, studies confirm that multitasking take your long time to let many tasks accomplish.

It may take your long time and does more harm than good.

Whenever you do a task, focus on that particular task and don’t do anything else at the moment.

It will help you to do work more efficiently and get things done more quickly.

  1. Make a priority list or work to be done and also write the estimated time it will take. Do important tasks first.
  2. Break your time into small chunks, based on your to-do list and divide large tasks into smaller ones.
  3. Allow breaks in between work to take rest and get recharged.
  4. You can do multitasking on those tasks which you can manage efficiently.

14. Let Go of the Guilt

Let Go Of The Guilt

Devoting your most of the time at the workplace can give you feeling of sadness and guilt.

But rather than thinking of not being with your child, focus on how your job role is beneficial for the family.

With the money, you can afford many things for your child like spending it for high education or can save for their college education.

You can give them a better future with your love, care, and hard earned money.

So, all the working mothers take out that guilt from your mind and seek help and support from your partner.

Discuss your feelings with a partner and ask them to share the responsibilities and workload.

However, maintaining a proper balance between office and house can be a daunting, hectic and challenging task.

A mom needs to take proper child care, their needs and about their nourishment and that with a busy schedule.

Raising a family and doing a full-time job, needs proper scheduling, plans, and time-saving techniques.

It includes:

  1. Morning Schedule
  2. During The Day Management
  3. Evening Plans
  4. Dinner

It requires proper planning, management, and time-saving hacks to tackle with kids, job, family and doing daily activities.

  1. Use Family Calendar: Use one calendar for everything, to check all the works done on a timely basis. Make a personal calendar for work.
  2. Write Things: Write down things on a paper to organize work efficiently.
  3. Get Your Kids Help: Take help of your kids to do small stuff like picking up toys and teaching them the importance of cleanliness.
  4. Seek the help of your partner to do things efficiently. Let them understand their responsibilities towards their children. Ask them to drop or pick up their kids from schools. Seek your partners help to handle and play with kids while you are preparing food.
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